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freepornproject's Journal

heart like the ocean
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free porn is a project.
free porn is erotica.
free porn is poetry.
free porn is art.

free porn is little bits of our lives, shipped away on tiny pieces of paper to the sun.

write free porn. leave free porn in the ocean. on the train. in the spine of that poetry book in your favourite bookstore. on the mirror of your one-night-stand's bathroom.

read free porn.


free porn is a project started by wenchous & cherrykisses. other than pretentiously scribbling random so called 'poetry', 'prose', creative writing pieces, the goal of free porn was to disperse free "poetic" porn (i.e. the fragmental erotic poetry/prose within this community) in miscellanous places.

by posting in this community, you are hereby letting all other members of this community to print and physically disperse your writing in thier local environment.

an example of free porn will be posted shortly by wenchous or myself.


free porn erotica zine also underway. see: http://www.livejournal.com/community/freepornproject/6903.html