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No one else has seen these before

These are three poems about a girl I fell in lust with at a poetry reading...

You were standing behind
the wooden pillar
reading trite poems about unreciprocated
love, And I drank Haiku
tea – maybe the ginseng agitated
my delicates – please use Woolite,
when your ripples of red, red hair
wash my sandy shores and a sigh
from your dainty mouth ripples
my grass - and I knew
I must see you again.

You stood at the podium
I watched your lips open
your chest swell
a curl slip from your shoulder
connected by a spider web
to the woodgrain sweep of your hair
You walked from the stage, from the room, into my head
my five year plan is whisked away with a swish of your hips.

You stand behind the thick block
Letting syllables dance off your cherry luscious lipstick pout
you smile
you know
you see our look and we are yours.
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