therwugreg (therwugreg) wrote in freepornproject,

The Pearl’s Agonizing Image

All I remember is the light scent of tulips
Hovering within the intriguing pastures
Of a pastoral dream coming to me in waves,
And the thick vibrations in your coffee eyes.

Roaming passages swept from overhead,
And my light tongue caressing your knees,
Slowly making its way to your peach thighs.
If only it wasn’t so wonderful - so I could forget.

My eyes criss-crossing when coming to freckles,
And my lips allowing a slightly monotonous whistle.
The musky smell of spice arriving with each lick,
Causing spasms of long-lost innocence within me.

And so the dream began…

Through a light breeze of soft music I noticed
The chanting behind your fluffy tranquil breathing.
And the corners of my mind worked in spirals,
Hoping to make room for this new set of pleasure.

Closer and closer, my body grew closer to yours.
My head was grasped by your two fragile hands,
And your voice moaned soft riddles in the darkness,
Coinciding with the physical shivers I knew completely.

My passion exploded after my tongue’s endless beauty,
Touching the graceful quivering of your patchwork,
And the aesthetic pleasure of your sweetness.
If only I could taste the dripping honey for hours on end.

One more night of solitude comes to closure, as I
Grip the ugly piece in four fingers and stare.
Will these pleasures ever become completely true?
Or will I be left only to dream of your euphoric taste?
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