Erin (underthesheets) wrote in freepornproject,


these fantasies come more often now
brush the back of my neck
turn my head to look off into space
study the patterns on my wall paper

fantasies of laughing in his arms
looking up into his face
pressing my smile to his neck

fantasies of the quiet moments
silence and stars
his warmth behind me
intertwined fingers

he changes in my mind
becomes a man familiar with the female body
eager to relearn its contours
never a hesitation

"god, you are soaked
you are going to freeze.
here, hold still"

as he slowly peels off my shirt

its been a night of running through sprinklers
and laughing
we are both rather wet

nothing gratuitous
careful fingers
touch only clothes
except for the occasional mistake
moment of fingertip against skin
and a shiver

i cant help a sad smile
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