lostempathy (lostempathy) wrote in freepornproject,

As I melt into her eyes,
I kiss her lips ,
her neck and chin
I feel as if I never want this to end,
I lift her into my arms,
hold her tight,
I tell her I love her and kiss her again,
I carry her to my room,
I lie her down on my bed,
and watch our passion bloom,
I rest her head,
upon my pillow,
My body burns with a passionate fire,
Yet I remain calm and mellow,
I express to her my desire,
And she complies,
With a soft gentle moan,
It is just the two of us alone,
I kiss down her tummy,
to her inner thighs,
I lick and caress her,
teasing here,
pleasing there,
always staying away from her flower,
that wants to bloom inside her
Finally I lick her folds,
very slowly and lovingly
I mold
my tongue around her
dip in her honey dew
still she squirms in delight,
I come back up and kiss her,
and say I love you,

I insert myself inside her,
feel her wetness against my member,
feel her tightness engulfing my essence,
I cry out in ecstasy,
and smile at her with love
and feel herself push against me
I move in slow circles,
working deep inside
my passionate fire,
I can no longer hide,
our bodies pump as one,
our souls join in the fun ,
my eyes want to roll back in my head,
and I cry out instead
that she feels so good
I caress her skin
as I feel myself going deeper in,

I kiss her body,
I feel her breasts,
I feel her nipples against my chest
hardening as she wraps her legs around me,
pulling me ever so closer to her
and sets my passion free,
I tell her that I am very near and she smiles without fear,
and pushes me deeper inside her,
and holds on tighter
I feel myself getting stiffer
as I thrust and pump harder and harder,
I moan as the time draws near
I tell her I am gonna explode she cries out,
and I feel a gush of wetness against me,
then I moan her name and that I love her
then I unload
my passion
now spent we collapse holding each other
I smile at her and say thank you
now that I have rested,
would you like to go again my lover?
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