Scarlette (inamourata) wrote in freepornproject,


this abstract desire is as obscene
as my legs wrapped around your back
our fervor unleashed through the veins
under our skin as thin as leaves
when we're vulnerable primal animals
and raw as their slaughtered meat
only the bloodhounds could sniff this out
and I want to fuck the life from
the stem which impales my womb
& keeps the liquid from flowing
to your sweating bud
making you dizzy you know
it can never be hard enough for me
I like being stabbed and murdered
to pure delight and ecstacy thriving
under and over you because I can never keep still
I'll catch every last drop in my mouth
my pretty little face of vulgarity
waiting to be nourished because I feed
on the life of you and that which you can create with
I love the taste of your fucking release

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