mermaid (cherrykisses) wrote in freepornproject,

i think she's a flower. the plush velvet softness of her skin, soiling under my touch.
she floats, atop the surface, dripping her fluids into the ocean.
perhaps she tastes like these flowers, like soap, bitter on my tongue as she melts away into my hot sticky flesh.
she is forever cool, a strange pallor of milky solute resting upon her skin. & i, myself would set her aflame, burning her to cinders with my fever stenched touch.
knowing that the flames of my lust would singe and smolder her raw, languid being, i pull her under and watch as her hair trails high above her, entering the deep secrecy of my world below.

she belongs here, her soft swelling lips cradling my warm tongue. her cold vacant stare and her aqueous secretions. she is smooth and luscious, her bittersweet liquor, the salt on my skin. as i dive, immersing myself between the supple curves of her thighs, the sweet plumpness of her lips, i thought i felt her combust. a sweet deathly nectar disperses around us. she pulls away from me as i watch her melt and dissolve into the distance.

she is a part of me now. pulsating deep within my veins. as i am a part of her, forever bound to the lava of her melting flesh, fused with the ocean tides that give me life.
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